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[18 Aug 2006|02:14pm]

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CHALLENGE! [07 Aug 2006|02:34pm]

Write down the top ten foods you are most likely to/most often binge on, or the foods you that trigger you to purge after eating them. You can post them or just keep them to yourself, but make sure you have ten.

Say goodbye to these foods for the next ten days!
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[25 Jul 2006|12:49am]

I went to Food Addicts Anonymous today and it was seriously amazing. I would recommend it to anyone who is trying to stop purging.
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[22 Jul 2006|01:52pm]

What's the longest any of you have gone without purging?
No contest, just kinda a way to feel proud of yourself for what you have acheived.
I think the longest I've gone, which is right now, 25 days.
It feels like such a long time since I've done it..
But I've been really sticking to it and giving up purging.
Even when I have binged..I've done other things to stop myself.

I'm so glad this community was made.
Other places are recovery for everything ed-related..
but I'm not ready to completely recover, just from purging.
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[18 Jul 2006|01:27am]

i suck, i suck, i suck, I SUCK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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[15 Jul 2006|02:09pm]


Okay. I'm def doing the challenge and the money jar.  I've been purging like the flu lately, yuck. I need some boundaries.  I was thinking for challenges they should be other things besides just not purging. like maybe some excersize challenges, or doing stuff for you type stuff. kind of like on 28dayplan, they have some good doing stuff for you type challenges. we could do food type challenges, too. like see if you can avoid this food today. or something. idk. its up to you guys.

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[15 Jul 2006|01:55pm]

I was looking in my old journal entries and I found this:

"I just had a marvelous idea! Everytime I binge, I have to put $1 for every 100 calories I binge on (purging doesn't subtract!) into a little jar. I haven't decided what I'll do with the money yet, but I live on extremely low wages so I think this will work quite nicely.

Hmmm...perhaps I can have my money back when I reach my goal weight! I like it."

I realized I never actually did this...what a cheap-o I am :-P but I think I might start. And I put it up here in case anybody else wants to do it, too, since we are all struggling with the same thing. So basically if you go over your daily limit, or if you know that you are binging, it is $0.01 for every calorie; $1 for every 100 calories. I am starting...NOW! So far my jar is empty :-P
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[15 Jul 2006|10:48am]

[ mood | cheerful ]

i'm up for the challenge :) I've only purged once today hopefully I won't again :)

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[15 Jul 2006|01:37pm]

Thank you so much to everyone who has joined so far! There are already 9 members and 11 watching this community. That may seem like a little, but hey--we only created this community last night!

The concept of this community might not be the healthiest, but some of us need it. I know I do. So here's my first challenge for all of. Tomorrow is a Monday, the beginning of the week. Why not get the week off to a good start by not purging at all on Monday? And if that works, we can try Tuesday, and then Wednesday, and maybe even the whole work week! But you know, that does seem a little over-whelming. So let's just start one day at a time--and see where that takes us. Every one is here to support each other, and it may sound cheesy, but we can do it!!

Stay strong, everyone <3
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[14 Jul 2006|09:39pm]

Hi, i'm Jasmine i've joined because I started purging in May, and I've been trying and failing to stop since then, and I would really love to get my self control back and be able to stop the binging and purging cycle and get back to heavy restricting
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[15 Jul 2006|12:11am]

Welcome to limialone!! No one is here yet.
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